Used clothing lives a new life thanks to Gipsyway

The new purely Italian portal for used objects is now online.

To stimulate the world of "Second-Hand", to help users to advertise their products via social networks: This is the aim of Gipsyway, the Bolzano-born start-up, which is establishing itself on a national level as a unique market place for the sale of Second-Hand products in the areas of clothing, accessories and small and large household appliances. It has never been so easy to empty the cupboards to make room for new purchases!


Gipsyway is not an advertising site in itself: the products to be offered for sale on the portal are carefully selected, and for this reason it is important that the user puts together his profile in the best possible way, taking into account some criteria that contribute to the success of the sale. And to be officially recognised as a Gypsy seller, it is necessary to have published at least ten advertisements. The first step towards your goal is to describe the object for sale in detail, possibly with a photo taken with care. We will then Gipsyway to promote the sale of the article through social channels to achieve a wide distribution that will make the sale much faster and more effective.

Video about Gipsystreet

Who is it dedicated to?

The portal, for which no registration or entry fee is charged, is very easy to use and is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get rid of some clothes they no longer use, but could instead find someone else 's taste:

a). Young people will easily be able to sell their clothes, their accessories, replace them with other items - according to the fashion of the moment.
b.) Small businesses could easily have overstock.
c.) For mothers it could be a valuable tool to sell and buy clothes for their growing children. Clothes for the little ones cost a considerable amount of money and represent a constant service month after month:
Gipsyway helps to limit expenses, through a simple, immediate and intuitive service dedicated to everyone.