1. What is Gipsyway?

    Gipsyway is the first online platform in Italy where clothes, accessories and cosmetics can be exchanged and sold. Do you own clothes or accessories that have not lost their charm, but for various reasons you cannot or no longer want to use them? Sell them, exchange them or give them away on Gipsyway! Thanks to our website, lovers of second-hand clothes not only have the opportunity to buy rare pieces, but sometimes they can also buy them at bargain prices.

  2. How does Gipsyway work?

    It's so easy!

    1. Register for free.
      If you register via Facebook, you can also share your articles directly with your friends!
    2. Rovista in your closet and upload your beloved old dress that you no longer have on Gipsyway.
      You can not only sell articles but also exchange, give or buy.

  3. What can NOT be offered?

    • snowboard boots, ski boots, motorcycle boots
    • Ski masks, ski helmet, motorcycle helmet, riding helmet, bicycle helmet
    • Riding clothes for horses
    • pool headsets
    • Punching gloves
    • Skates
    • snowboarding, skiing
    • gymnastics equipment
    • Toothbrushes, dental floss
    • Lighters, electronic cigarettes
    • Cameras, mobile phones, headphones
    • Protective films
    • Electrical appliances, tableware
    • Covers, towels
    • Mattresses, yoga mats
    • beauty case.
    • Lilyannequins.
    • Vacuum the cosmetic container
    • contact lens fluid, contact lens container
    • Board of Trustees
    • cases
    • Books, newspapers, frames, drawings
    • Nutrition
    • candles
    • Thermal bags
    • Detergents
    • Mosquito bracelet
    • buttons, stains, threads, beads, lace
    • piercing...
    • Sisters
    • Orthopedic devices
    • Drugs, vitamins, ointments
    • Animals.
    • Gift vouchers
    • 3d-glasses
    • sports equipment

  4. What are the comments for and how should they be used?

    The "Comments" function was created to facilitate communication between users. With a comment you can ask questions about the article or simply give the user a compliment. Spam, advertising or inappropriate comments will be deleted automatically. You can delete comments on your articles by clicking on "Delete comment".

  5. Can I sell fake goods?

    No, it's forbidden to sell fake goods. You yourself must make sure that your articles are not counterfeit. The import and sale of fake goods ruins the market. The sale of fake goods in Italy is considered a crime and is therefore also prohibited by Gipsyway.

  6. What is the function "add to favorites"?

    Each user has a field for his favorite articles in his profile. Have you noticed an interesting item in the catalog, but you are still not convinced that you want to buy it? Thanks to this feature, you can add it to your favorites and create a list of items that you can potentially buy. Once the final decision has been made, you no longer need to search for items in the catalogue, you can simply open the Favourites page in your profile.

  7. How do you buy an item?

    Buying an article on Gipsyway is easy! Here you will find all necessary information:
    look in the news or search the catalogue for the article that suits you best. After you have looked at what is right for you, write to the user by clicking on "Send message" or click directly on "Buy" if the description and photos of the item are already convincing.

    After the agreement with the seller has been made and the purchase has been confirmed, the courier will pick up the goods in the next 3 days and deliver them directly to your home in the following days. There is no need to go to the post office and you can follow the status of the shipment at any time directly from our platform.

    The payment is processed by Gipsyway in a secure and practical way. The available payment methods are:Visa/Mastercard, Maestro and Diners Club. After the arrival of the goods and after you have made sure that everything went well, confirm on your profile the success of your business. Once this step is completed Gipsyway will transfer the money to the seller.

  8. How do you sell an item?

    Selling an article about Gipsyway is very easy.
    The first step is to take pictures that best show the beauty of your item. After taking them, make sure to provide a detailed description by entering size, color and status. Determine a reasonable selling price (not less than 10€) by using other similar items already in the catalogue. Finally, place the item on the platform.
    Do not forget to select the desired payment method in your profile (Visa/Mastercard, Maestro, Diners club).
    Please note that posting articles on Gipsyway is free of charge.

    Other users can decide whether to buy your item directly or ask you a few questions for clarification. Once we have reached an agreement with a user, we will put you in touch with our business partner Europacco, who will collect the item directly from your home within three days of the confirmation of the sale.
    As soon as the goods are delivered, we conclude the payment by deducting 10% for the service.
    Finally you will receive feedback from the buyer. Remember that lots of positive feedback will make it easy to do business with other users in the future!

  9. How much does it cost to sell an item on Gipsyway?

    The publication of your article on Gipsyway is free of charge. The minimum sales price is 10€. Gipsyway will deduct 10% commission from the total sales price for the service.

  10. Tips for safety maintenance

    1. Before buying, check the reseller's profile and pay special attention to the opinions left by other users. A large number of positive reviews makes the retailer more reliable.
    2. If possible, please decide for an insured shipping! A few extra euros will not put anyone at risk.

    1. Never send money by mail.
    2. Make sure that the payment and the shipping is not in the hands of third parties.
    3. Do not pay outside of the Gipsyway platform (e.g. by e-mail or telephone) In case of fraud Gipsyway will not be responsible.

    1. Don't delete your message history with the dealer or buyer until you have made a judgment and made payment. If you delete the history immediately, you may lose useful information about the user with whom you just closed the deal.
    2. Always leave a judgement about other users. You help the next one to find the right business partner!
    3. Signal the Gipsyway team all violations committed by other users in the catalog or forum.

    User safety is the main focus of the Gipsyway team, contact us if you cannot solve your problem with the help of the FAQs.

  11. How can you confirm your identity?

    It is advisable to confirm your identity in order to gain more trust and credibility with other users and thus make business easier.
    Under the options in your profile, you can confirm your identity with a control code. Your data will of course never be passed on to third parties.
    The confirmation of identity is however not a mandatory field which is required for the use of Gipsyway.

  12. What is mangopay?

    Mangopay has been active on the market since 2013 and holds a license from the European Central Bank to issue electronic money. Already more than 250 platforms use Mangopay to ensure secure transfers between their users. Mangopay guarantees security and reliability.

  13. Who guarantees a safe shipment?

    Our partner and only forwarding agent "Europacco" offers our customers the Possibility to buy a product with an express courier service with collection home and delivery throughout Europe. By using the best forwarders you are able to Private individuals as well as companiesto guarantee an excellent service at economical prices All this is made possible by their advanced technology and years of experience in the sector.

  14. Can I return an item to the retailer?

    What if I bought an article that I don't like or doesn't fit? Gipsyway unfortunately cannot return the article to the seller. If you liked the dress, other people will surely like it too, try to sell it yourself on Gipsyway!

  15. What are the rules that must be observed in order to leave judgements to other users?

    The following rules must be observed:

    • Judgments must be objective.
    • Reviews must refer to real purchases.
    • Reviews must not be insulting or defamatory.
    (These rules also apply to comments on ratings)

    With the third negative feedback Gipsyway checks the user profile and blocks it if necessary.
    And if I disagree with the judgment of another user? If you feel that a verdict about you is unfair, try contacting the user who wrote it. Discuss and resolve the situation peacefully. If it is a simple misunderstanding, the user can simply change the verdict.
    We hope that all problems between you will be solved peacefully. If this is not the case, please contact us.

  16. Who should I contact if I have problems with Mangopay or the payment system?

    In case of problems with Mangopay or with the payment system you can always contact us. We will always remain available for our users.

  17. What are the accepted payment methods?

    The accepted payment methods are:
    Visa/Mastercard, Maestro, Dinersclub

  18. My article hasn't arrived yet, what to do?

    If you have decided on insured shipping Gipsyway will take care of the parcel insurance and in case of damage will refund the entire sales amount.
    If you have chosen to send your order without insurance Gipsyway can compensate up to a maximum of 20€.
    Insured shipping costs a few euros more, but avoids any inconvenience and is therefore the variant recommended by Gipsyway.

  19. My article has flaws, what is to be done?

    Please contact your dealer first. In most cases this is a misunderstanding. Try to clarify the problem and understand where the misunderstanding comes from. There are many ways to solve the problem, and only you can decide the one that satisfies both parties. For example, if the description of the item is the cause of the error, you can settle half of the amount already paid.
    We can only help you if the dealer has actually described the item in an inappropriate way.
    Contact us within three days of the arrival of the item at your home.

  20. How do you set the price of an item?

    Determine the price of the item by taking the original price as a guide. To help you, you can also look at the prices of similar items already in the catalog and set by other users.
    If you think you have chosen a price that is too high, you can change it at any time.

  21. How can I change the price of my item?

    Changing the price of the article is very easy. Enter your profile, click on "My Items", select the desired item and click on "change".

  22. Can I sell if I don't have a bank account?

    If you do not have a bank account, please contact your parents or parental authority.

  23. How do I select the status of the article?

    If you publish an article on Gipsyway, check the following points:

    • tapes
    • Smell.
    • holes...
    • use symbol
    • lli>Lancer (beads, buttons, etc.)
    • Ears...
    • color change
    • deformation

    Use these points as a guide when choosing the status of your item. Remember to always list any defects on the dress in the item description.
    Your article can be:

    The article has no defects and is still in its original packaging. It would be a shame not to take nice pictures showing its beauty!

    NEWbr /> The article is new and has no defects, but is no longer in its original packaging.

    Usedbr /> You have used the article several times and now it has some more or less major flaws.
    However, the article is still acceptable.

  24. What if someone buys one of my products and I'm on vacation?

    When a user clicks on "Buy" to purchase your item, they must always wait for your confirmation. You can always decide whether to accept or reject.
    To warn users that you are not at home, simply log into your account and activate the "holiday mode" so that your items are not visible and no purchase requests are received.

  25. Where can I check my money? What's the wallet?

    Each profile has a portfolio. You can recharge your wallet thanks to your bank account without paying the transaction service. The money you receive from other users by selling items ends up in your wallet. You decide yourself whether you transfer it to your bank account or reuse it to buy on Gipsyway.

  26. I have forgotten my password or I no longer have access. What to do?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can get a link to reset your password here.
    If you too have forgotten your e-mail or no longer have access to it, please write to us. In this case we absolutely need your user name to help you.

    If you cannot log in, check the following points:

    • Have you already received our confirmation email and activated your account? If you haven't seen it, try checking spam!
    • Have you spelled username and password correctly? You may have accidentally clicked the cap lock.
    • Try to delete all cookies and empty your caches.
    • If you still cannot log in and you are told that your username or password is incorrect, try changing your password.

    If you still cannot find a solution, come to us.

  27. I forgot my username. What to do?

    Don't worry if you have forgotten your username, you can always log in with your email and password.

  28. How do I confirm my e-mail?

    We will send you an e-mail with the confirmation link to the desired e-mail address. If you cannot find it, please check spam first.

  29. I can't log in via Facebook. What to do?

    If you cannot log in via Facebook, you can always log in with your username and password.

    You can also try to delete cookies and empty your cache or change your browser.

  30. How can I delete my profile?

    When you have completed all negotiations already started and are sure that you no longer wish to buy or sell on Gipsyway you can delete your account by clicking on "Delete account".
    However, please remember that you can only register once on Gipsyway and every second registration attempt will be rejected.

  31. How can I edit my e-mail?

    To change your e-mail, you must log in and enter your profile. Then enter "Edit profile", in the e-mail area you can make the desired change.

    We will send a confirmation email to your new email address. If you cannot find it, try spamming.

  32. How can I change my username?

    You cannot change your user name after registration. For this reason it is advisable to think carefully when making your choice during registration.

  33. Is it possible to open more than one account?

    No, for security reasons Gipsyway prohibits the creation of multiple accounts. New accounts are blocked.

  34. What is the purpose of my bank and personal data?

    Registration on Gipsyway: E-mail addressusername, password, confirmation of majority or permission of parents.
    Loading articles about Gypsyway: zip code, city.

    Wallet access on Gipsyway: date of birth, first and last name, address.

    Withdraw money from your wallet on Gipsyway: valid bank account

    Purchase via the payment system: data required for the purchase (depending on the payment selected)

  35. How much time do I have to deliver the sold items to the courier?

    The courier can wait up to 5 days to come to your home, otherwise the deal will be cancelled.

  36. I cannot highlight my article in the catalogue. What to do?

    You can highlight your article every week by making a few changes. For example, you could lower or raise the price, change the description or add new photos.
    Items that have been loaded two or more times are removed from the catalog.

  37. What to do in case of a technical problem when using Gipsyway?

    If you have problems on www.gipsyway.com, try the following steps:

    1. Test Gipsyway on different browsers or computers.
    2. delete cookies.
    3. If possible, please update your browser.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Adblock or antivirus programs can block the pages of the website. Make sure that they are disabled or enter www.gipsyway.com as an exception.

    If problems continue to occur despite this advice, please contact us.
    The problem report message must contain:
    • which windows or Macs you use.
    • Name and version of your browser.
    • an additional screenshot showing you the problem.

  38. Where can I find the general terms of use?

    You will find the general conditions of use of the website here.