Sell your used clothes with one click, on Gipsyway

Follow our advice, take a nice photo and offer for sale what you no longer wear

Selling your used clothes has never been so easy and intuitive: on Gipsyway, the portal dedicated to the world of "Second-Hand" and designed as a real showcase available to every seller, just a few clicks to display their objects and attract customers to buy.

But what is the best way to move in the world of sales? Just follow a few, but valuable tips:

First of all, to insert well-made, sharp photos in the display of your sales item, and that the product is well exposed. Worn or on a hanger or better with a mannequin, all solutions are fine as long as the garment still shows its condition and is the protagonist of the image.


It is better to photograph in natural light and not to place the item for sale near other items of clothing that could be confusing.


Objects on neutral and NO-FILTER background

It is better to immortalize the objects on a neutral and unique background that is not distracting, and to avoid post-productions that are rich in photographs and color changes: Remember that the announcement of an object for sale must be truthful, and that transparency is a key characteristic that a gypsy seller must have.


If possible, avoid using flash, which flattens sounds and volume, and recordings in the evening hours, as the artificial light falsifies the colors of the objects.


An appropriate description leads to the sale

The good description of the garment with colour, brand, size and condition (new with label, new without label, little used, much used) is the second basic step, as well as sincerity regarding stains and defects. Minor imperfections in the garments offered for sale are acceptable, but always remember to suggest garments in excellent general condition.

Photograph your boss
Describe your article
Determine the selling price

Choose the right category to which your boss belongs

Finally, you add your item to a specific sales category: On Gipsyway you can sell and buy men's, women's and children's fashion items: Assigning your article to the right category will also make it easier for customers to find your article in the desired category, making the search and purchase more immediate.